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Informed Parents of Rocklin is a group of parents from the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD). We first came together when the district proposed a new History-Social Science (HSS) curriculum. We reviewed the curriculum, met with teachers, district officials, and school board members, and were concerned that this new curriculum would create conversations in the classroom that would be inappropriate for young children.  As parents, we felt that we should have a say in what is best for our child’s education including what, and when, sensitive topics should be introduced. It was with the realization that our concerns were not heard and that our parental rights were in jeopardy that we started making other parents aware of the issue.

Our biggest concern was that the curriculum introduces the issues of sexuality and sexual orientation to kids as young as 7 years old (in 2nd grade), much earlier than the law requires. Many parents felt introducing kids to these words and ideas was too much, too soon.   


The night of the school board vote, May 1, 2019, over 600 parents and many students from the district came to the public hearing. They overwhelmingly asked the board to slow down and seek other options that did not go beyond the requirements of the law. Of the RUSD parents who addressed the board, 84% spoke out against the adoption of the proposed curriculum. Special interest groups from outside the District, including the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, PFLAG, Sacramento LGBT Community Center and others, brought in dozens of activists to speak and lobby for the new curriculum. The public hearing lasted over five hours. Trustees Eric Stevens, Camille Maben, and Rick Miller voted in favor of the curriculum and against the will and judgement of Rocklin parents.  Trustees Susan Halldin and Dereck Counter heard the concerns of the parents and voted against the adoption of the new material. The new HHS curriculum passed with a 3-2 vote and the District began training teachers for the curriculum just days later.

The following Friday, May 3, over 1,000 children (out of a total District enrollment of approximately 12,000) participated in a District-wide sit-out. The school board still refused to reconsider their decision despite the concerns of parents. 


Unfortunately this new HSS curriculum incorporates some of what is already being taught in Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) which goes far beyond the legal requirements of recognizing diverse groups in the FAIR Act.  Comprehensive Sexuality Education was introduced in 2016 in Rocklin USD and is taught in 7th and 9th grades.  It contains graphic materials and concepts that we also find unacceptable, including the normalization of oral and anal sex, teaching that sex and gender are fluid, encouraging children to explore unsafe alternative sexual practices, and providing children with contact information for abortion clinics operated by Planned Parenthood.

Adding to our concern is the new Health Education Framework that was adopted by the State Board of Education on May 8, 2019.  Even though it will still take a couple of years before we see it in our local schools parents need to be aware of what is in it. The framework is the guidance document for the next version of the Health and Sexuality Education curriculum.  In kindergarten, its stated goals include questioning of gender stereotypes and introduction of gender fluidity. The framework recommends inviting transgender individuals, presented as community role models, into TK-3rd grade classrooms.  Teachers are advised to discuss sexual pleasure and masturbation with 5th grade students. 7th grade assignments include role-playing of scenarios such as, “Two students are at a party. One asks the other for oral sex.” Separating children by gender during sexual education sessions is actively discouraged. 


The original version of the framework included books that contain pornographic illustrations and explicit language. Only under the tremendous pressure from parents did the State Board of Education agree to remove some of those books from the framework, but the final version of the document is not yet available to the public.  Although the California Healthy Youth Act only requires that comprehensive sexual education is taught once in middle school and once in high school, the framework goes FAR beyond those requirements and introduces highly sexualized topics, ideas, and activities to children of all ages.


Our experience with the History-Social Science (HSS) curriculum has taught us to get involved early and to do all we can to inform parents. 

Informed Parents of Rocklin was created to educate, equip, and empower families within our school district (and beyond) to protect the emotional, physical, and spiritual health of our children.  Together we can withstand the pressure of outside special interest groups who are trying to rob our children of their innocence and us of our parental rights.


On our website you will find information and resources that will help you learn how to protect your children. We invite you to join with us. Together we can be a powerful voice for good in the community.

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