Much of today's curriculum was written with the help from Planned Parenthood and other groups who have an agenda for teaching children sexual "how-to's" and encouraging them to exercise their sexual rights and seek pleasurable sexual experiences. 


From our research the underlying theme taught to children seems to be that if it feels good then it must be "right."  For parents who have any moral convictions this is very disturbing.        

The curriculum also normalizes gender dysphoria and risky sexual practices for children of all ages.  Abstinence, for example, is equated with anal and oral sex - because it can't get someone pregnant.  

We believe Sex Ed is important and should be taught to our children but this modern sex ed is not just about your children's health anymore.  

Below are three areas that we have chosen to focus on in a effort to make things less confusing (as they all are somewhat interrelated).  

The FAIR Act 

CA Healthy Youth Act

Below is a video of our slide show that provides some example in each of the three areas above.  We have spent many hours going through various materials and checking every link, workbook and resource that our kids will be given and exposed to. 


We were shocked by what we found.   

Remember we are just Moms concerned about our kids and not professional videographers...

We hope you find this information accurate and helpful in protecting our kids from being sexualized at our schools.  



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