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The Truth About SB 48 and the HSS Framework 

By Attorney Dean R. Broyles

This is a great legal summary and interpretation of the current law.


On May 1st of 2019 the Rocklin School Board opted not to use their broad authority (as granted in SB 48) and dismissed the concerns of parents. 


SB 48 clearly gives local school boards the authority to decide on what and when  sensitive topics are introduced to our children.   


The Board chose to approve a curriculum that went well beyond the legal requirements to emphasize gender identity in grades K-5. 


Concerned parents proposed a HSS curriculum before the May 1st Board meeting that both conformed to the law and preserved parental rights, however it was rejected by the board even though many other districts in the state have adopted it and notably have even better test scores than our district.     

Attorney Dean R. Broyles - Open Letter to School Board Members RE CA Fair Act

This Letter was sent to the RUSD School Board before the May 1st Board Meeting.  

It clearly explains the legal requirements of SB-48 "the Fair Act" and the HSS Framework that was adopted by the State Board of Education in 2016.  ​

The Framework is a guide and is not mandatory.  

All the pre-approved text books considered in the RUSD's "rigorous" pilot program all included this aggressive Sexual world view that is being advocated for by the LGBT community.  

Parents of Rocklin simply asked board members to wait and include a HSS curriculum that both conforms to the new law and respects parental rights. 


Many concerned parents believe the sexual world view is too much too soon, especially for children in grades K-5.  

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