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We are asking all Informed Parents of Rocklin members to reach out to your place of worship and give your religious leader the letter below (or your version of it).

We are reaching out to the spiritual leaders of our community to discuss issues pertaining to SB 48, AB 329, and the 2019 Health Education Framework. The goals of the meeting are to share:

  • What is happening locally with the Rocklin Unified School District history curriculum adoption;

  • What sexuality education is already being taught in our local schools;

  • The content of the recently adopted Health Education Framework.

We believe that it is very important to open dialog with our local spiritual leaders, and we hope that you can support us in that outreach. Over recent years we have seen local school leaders, along with large outside groups, work very hard to define the issues that are impacting our children. Groups such as Planned Parenthood, the California Teachers Association, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), are actively shaping what is being taught in our schools. We want to make sure that families, parents, and children are heard, understood, and represented.

The letter below asks your Pastor to reach out to either you or to our group. If you receive a call from your Pastor, please share with him/her your concerns about the issues and ask them to email Informed Parents of Rocklin for further information.


Thank you so much,

Informed Parents of Rocklin

Open Letter Template:

(Please feel free to copy & paste and make it your own document)


In recent years, several laws have been passed by the State of California that require public schools to teach subjects that are contrary to our faith and values. Activist groups are working to reshape what children, starting as early as kindergarten, know and believe about sexuality.

The Fair Act, SB 48 (Law) opens the door to discuss sexual orientation of historical figures. In May 2019, the Rocklin Unified School Board voted – against the request of the overwhelming majority of the parents – to spend $1,000,000 to purchase a new history curriculum for K-12 that goes above and beyond the requirements of the law. This will lead to discussions of sexual orientation in as early as 2nd Grade.

The California Healthy Youth Act, AB 329 (law) mandates Comprehensive Sexuality Education be taught once in middle school and once in high school. The curriculum taught here in Placer County educates children as young as 7th Grade about anal sex, oral sex and that gender does not always match biology. 12-year old children are given a number to text for the nearest abortion center.

The 2019 Health Education Curriculum Framework (guidance document) was passed by the California Board of Education in May 2019 and encourages children as young as kindergarten to explore multiple gender identities. For 5th graders it encourages sexual exploration and normalizes mutual masturbation and homosexual feelings. In middle school, it introduces the concept of spiritual abuse defined as “insisting on rigid gender roles.” In high school, children are introduced to bondage and sadomasochism (BDSM), blood play, sex toys, sexual pleasure, etc.

As a member of this congregation, I am reaching out to ask you or your staff to meet with a small group of parents from Informed Parents of Rocklin/Placer County who have done significant research and put together a presentation on the topics above. We are not asking you to take a political stance or position, but to be aware of what is happening in our local schools and how this impacts our local families.

Informed Parents of Rocklin/Placer County is reaching out to all members of our community because the issue has become national in stature. Groups such as Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the California Teachers Association are actively promoting and funding these curriculum changes to redefine the values of children right here in our local schools. The Rocklin/Placer parent group is working to unite parents of all faiths to be engaged and educated about these issues so that parents can make informed choices regarding the education of their children. Parents are very concerned, and looking for help in navigating these highly controversial sexual topics. We are hopeful that you will consider our request and help us during this time. You can find more information about the group at www.informedparentsrocklin.org.

To set up the meeting, please, contact me at (INSERT YOUR PHONE NUMBER) or the Informed Parents of Rocklin/Placer County at informedparentsofrocklin@gmail.com.

Thank you for your time,



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