Informed Parents of Rocklin has purchased most of the commonly used curricula used in the state.  We have spent hundreds of hours going over the content, following every reference and looking at every link and resource.  

We have found that much of the most objectionable content comes from the resource materials or links given to students.  

We have presented our findings (in the form of a power point presentation) to district superintendents, teachers, administrators and school board members who had no idea this content was in their approved curriculum or would be coming soon.  

We are not professional researchers but what we lack, we make up for in passion.  If you find any errors on this site or feel any claims may be incorrect please let is know.  After all we are just a bunch of moms who just want to preserve our parental rights and protect our children.  

To see our presentation please follow the link below:

IPOR Presentation

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